Lana and I got married in Croatia, but both of us live in Sacramento. Đana was invaluable in making the wedding happen. We are some of the least organized people in the world and BTW studios put up with us and helped make things happen that we could never in a million years have arranged. Đana is patient, nice, well connected, offers excellent advice and has the A-type personality that is required to make something that complex happen in Croatia when you are thousands of miles away. It literally would have been impossible without her help.

Also Đana is really cool and was kind enough to take my pants in for dry cleaning. I recommend her services very highly.

Adam and Lana

from California, USA



Lisa & Alex

from England


Our wedding was the best thing that happend to us so far. We love every single member of E & W Zone team, from coordinators, to musicians, caterors, photographers…ooooh photographers!

We had wedding in Opatija, beautifull historical litlle sea town. It’s really interesting how many people comentted our wedding photos on Facebook, and have asked us where we’ve been. If you are looking for that something to bring out the true beauty of wedding, Event & Wedding Zone is the right place for you!

Olga & Peter

from Ukraine


Eva & Nicola

from Croatia & Italy


If you are now, like I was, an amazingly petrified bride who wouldn’t like to leave anything to chance and who had bad experiences on not-at-all dreamy weddings in the past or just hate the idea of yourself on the dancefloor with a fake smile, working off just another boring wedding, please read on.

Event&wedding Zone offered their guarantee that everything would be done successfully and to my satisfaction. I am a critical person by nature and I (love to) complain constantly and loudly about all sorts of people I come in contact. I could probably fill ten-page space with comments and complaints regarding the places and people I dealt with recently. But, when it comes to the E & W Zone I have no objections or complains, only words of praise.

Irena & Andrew

from England


When I first read online that the Event &Wedding Zone guarantees a stress free wedding planning, the first thing I thought was, “Stress free my ass! Stress free for them maybe, but not for me!” I am possibly the world’s worst bride – bossy and difficult. E&W Zone assured me that their team could handle even me. They solemny promised they would not throw me out after the first meeting and that we would agree on everything that needed to be done. Although I am a successful business woman, confident in everything I do, my gigantic, uncontrolled desire to control everything kept me from seeking wedding planning organization for some time. The result was a very short period of time left to organize destination wedding for us and our guests. If you are wondering why didn’t I just look for a wedding planner in my own area? The main reason was I felt that the E & W Zone was something really very different from anything available in either my or surrounding cities. In fact, as I soon discovered, they had couples come from England, Ireland, France, Russia, Canada and even Australia. At the end, E&W Zone succeeded to reduse my discomfort. Their entire team worked very hard and managed to organize a wedding of my dreams for a period of just 25 days. The best part for me is that I was really stress free as they had everything under control in every moment – they even managed to answer every of my millon questions while planning. Croatia is a beautifull country, but another very important advantage when being in the hands of E &W Zone is how dedicated they are in making your stay and wedding relaying and compfortable as possible. From the moment you send them an email or call them, you know you’re not in an ordinary wedding planning agency. I would like to thank them big time for every beatifull moment they made for us and our guests…

Angelina & Roberto

from Italy

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