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civil wedding

Civil Wedding

What one needs to do to get a beautiful civil wedding in Croatia?

The advantage of the civil wedding is the possibility of organizing the ceremony of your dreams on a beautiful outdoor location in Croatia. Depending on your wishes, ceremony can take place on beautiful beaches, in stunning lighthouses or in modern fancy hotels… An officially appointed court interpreter must attend the wedding and translate the ceremony speech if neither the bride nor groom speaks Croatian.

What one need to do to get beautiful civil wedding in Croatia?
1. Complete THE FORM!
2. Collect your documents on time!
3. Send your documents to be checked and translated in Croatia!
4. Attend the registry office in person at least 24 hours before the wedding!
………5. And, GET WEDD!!! 🙂


The required documents (Original Long Form Birth Certificate, Original Single Status Certificate, Original Certificate of No Impediment, Copies of Passports) and legal processes may differ depending on nationality. Usually, documents you have to submit require an Apostille. However, there are foreign countries having additional agreements with Croatia, therefore you must check your countries regulations before sending the documentation.

Copy and check the passports

Your application must include passport copies for the bride, the groom and two witnesses with their full and correct names. Full name on birth certificate must be the same as the name on your passport and all other documents. The passports must be valid for one more year after the wedding.

Original documents not older than 90 days

All necessary documents have to be original documents. Be aware that the documents you submit will not be returned to you but will stay in the Croatian Municipalities for their records. The relevant documents will not be accepted if they were issued more than 90 days prior to the wedding date. We advise you to start contacting your local government offices before 90-day period starts, because some offices might have a waiting time before they issue you the document.


religious wedding

Religious Wedding

Choose one of the adorable churches or cathedrals that are located throughout the Croatia

For those who decide to get Catholic Wedding in Croatia there is one big advantage – they will have a large selection of beautiful churches and cathedrals for their dream wedding because majority of Croatian citizens are Roman Catholics. It is also possible to organize the perfect Orthodox wedding, as well as Muslim wedding, but there is no chance to organize a wedding in a church of other religions. Since religious weddings are not official, foreign couples are advised to register a legal marriage in their home country before or after their travel to Croatia, or, depending on preferences and budget one can make religious and civil marriage in Croatia.

What one need to do to get beautiful religious wedding in Croatia?

1. Complete THE FORM! (LINK)
2. Visit and inform your local parish priest of your wedding plans!
3. Attend a pre-marriage course.
4. Let your Bishop prepare, issue and send “Nihil Obstat” to the Bishop in Croatia!
5. Collect other documents within 5 months before wedding date!
…..6. Come to Croatia and get married! 🙂

“Nihil Obstat” Document

After you contact and inform your local parish priest about your wedding plans, he will explain to you how he would like to proceed. Some priests will ask you to follow a premarital course, others not. Your local parish priest will issue a document called “Nihil Obstat” or “Litterae Testimonials” (testimonial tellers) – basic document for marriages celebrated abroad which represents “no objection certificate”. This document needs to be sent by your Bishop to the Bishop in Croatia.

Other Documents within 6-3 months before wedding date!

You will need to arrange the following paperwork:
1. The formal letter from your parish priest granting permission for the wedding in the church you choose in Croatia on the wedding date,
2. Baptismal certificate noting that you have never been married with information about your Holy Communion and Confirmation,
3. Cana certificate showing that you have attended pre-marital courses,
4. Pre-nuptial investigation form – a signed questionnaire with church seals and signatures stamped by the local Bishop office – NOT just your priest.
5.* Permission/Dispensation Form for Permission of Mixed Religion – If one of you is not Catholic you will be required to obtain another document such as “Permission of mixed religions” to testify that the wedding celebration can be performed by the Croatian Church.

All religious documents should be issued between 6 and 3 months before the wedding date, ideally around 5 months before the wedding. If they are sent later the parish could consider accepting other bookings.


simbolic wedding

Symbolic wedding and a vow renewal


A unique and wonderful experience of personalized wedding ceremony!

The best way for a beautiful stress-free wedding is a symbolic wedding in Croatia! This opens up an opportunity for you to organize your dream wedding without stress about paperwork, without extra costs and without legal procedures, but with all the elements you wanted on your wedding such as a beach ceremony on your own language with your own vows…

The symbolic wedding is also the ideal ceremony for married couples wishing to renew wedding vows and wanting to celebrate a wonderful and unique wedding anniversary.

What one need to do to get beautiful symbolic wedding in Croatia?

1. Complete THE FORM! (LINK)
2. Choose your ideal wedding ceremony location!
3. Come to Croatia and GET WEDD! 🙂

No Paperwork

Newlyweds usually get married in their country before or after a beautiful wedding in Croatia. The wedding paperwork is less and the costs are considerably lower, simply allowing a bride and a groom to enjoy more pleasant parts of their wedding organization.

Personalized ceremony that looks like a real thing

Unlike a civil wedding ceremony in Croatia, which is held in Croatian language in the presence of a court interpreter by standard legal forms, the symbolic wedding ceremony is completely adaptable to suit couple’s dreams. Ceremony wording is completely changeable and it can be on their own language. Couples may incorporate background music as well as other elements according to their wishes. Having witnesses is also optional in symbolic wedding ceremony, unlike a civil wedding in Croatia. The most wonderful thing is that even personalized symbolic weddings look like a real thing and anyone who does not know would not even suspect. Wedding is held by an official, a bride has her grand entrance, newlyweds read vows and exchange rings… perfect setting.

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